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From business to leisure to living, Seton’s options are endless

Live Easy

Welcome to a new way of living.

Cedarglen Living will be introducing their multi-family project in Seton very soon. Check back often for further details.

Life in Seton is about effortless access to everything – work, shop, home, entertainment, education, health and fitness – all easily accessible by the rest of Calgary, too.

Stop by the gym before work, enjoy a coffee after yoga, take the kids to the playground or the dog to the park, it’s all so simple in Seton. Designed with people in mind, Seton is about healthy living. From bike paths to fitness and recreation facilities to the South Health Campus and the public library, Seton makes the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Love the styles, textures and flavours of downtown living? Make one of Seton’s 1,300 urban condo units home – for just you, or for your growing family. 

Seton Retail Locations